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Marine Salvage

We are independent experts specialising in consulting for wet and dry marine salvage operations, with experienced salvage masters and key salvage personnel on hand to meet your needs.

Offshore and Decommissioning Projects

From planning, project management, risk assessment to execution, VMax provides qualified personnel for engineering analysis, calculations, removal, float over installation and top side lifting.

Sub Sea Clearance of Unexploded Ordinance

Adhering strictly to safety protocols in accordance with International Mine Action Standard(IMAS), VMax provides detection and clearance of Unexploded Ordinance(UXO) and Abandoned Ordinance(AXO).

Sub-Sea Solutions

Leading provider of sub-sea operations consultancy that oversees offshore diving and ROV operations. We also offer bespoke design and development of air diving systems with mix gas capabilities.

We have

130 Years Of Combined Experience
26 Major Projects Completed
9 Areas Of Operation

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